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James D. Mashburn, M.D. ʼ47, a lifelong Fayetteville resident, died Sept. 14, 2006. He was 80. Affectionately known as “Doc,” Dr. Mashburn delivered more than 10,000 babies during 38 years in practice. As the assistant adjutant general for Arkansas, he was the first Army medical officer to hold that position in the U.S.

The Dr. James D. Mashburn Music Library, a division of the Mashburn Scholarship Foundation, will announce the donation of materials from the St. Scholastica Monastery music library to the University of Arkansas Libraries at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 14, at the University House on the University of Arkansas campus.

The event will feature speakers G. David Gearhart, chancellor of the university, followed by Sister Maria DeAngeli, prioress at St. Scholastica Monastery, Carolyn Henderson Allen, dean of the University of Arkansas Libraries, and Barbara Mashburn of the Mashburn Scholarship Foundation.

The sisters at St. Scholastica Monastery donated their entire collection of music and musical education materials to the Dr. James D. Mashburn Music Library, which in turn donated the materials to the University of Arkansas Libraries. The donation consisted of materials collected through several decades in the music schools operated by St. Scholastica and include more than 3,600 audio recordings (primarily 78s and LPs) in the areas of classical, Christian, popular (many Christmas albums) and folk/world items. There are also 378 play scripts, 630 books and 3,644 scores and sheet music. The collection will be housed in the University Libraries with scores and audio materials in the performing arts and media department. The collection as it is being cataloged can be found in the University Libraries’ online catalog using the subject headings: James D. Mashburn music collection or St. Scholastica Monastery, Fort Smith.

The Benedictine sisters who established St. Scholastica Monastery in Fort Smith first came to Arkansas from Indiana in 1878 after railroad companies asked their order to establish churches and schools along the railroad and minister to German immigrants. They first established their convent in Shoal Creek, but in 1924 they moved to Fort Smith.

Over the years, the Fort Smith Benedictines taught in 62 different schools in five states. They also conducted 12 music schools and operated two orphanages. St. Scholastica Academy closed in 1968. Today, sisters serve as counselors, religious educators and advocates for social justice concerns. They are also involved in nursing home ministry, prayer ministry and volunteer work in area service projects.

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